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Cartoon Perfectly Shows What the Media is Ignoring About the Clintons

Clinton cartoon

On Friday of last week, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced scandals. WikiLeaks dumped another treasure trove of hacked emails indicting Hillary Clinton – and immediately after audio was leaked by the Washington Post showing sexually explicit comments that Trump had made in 2005. The timing was no coincidence. The Washington Post had been sitting on that audio for months, and waited for the perfect time to release it to take attention away from Hillary.

And it worked. The media has spent over fifteen times as much time reporting on Trump’s scandal than Hillary’s.

And when it comes to scandals that are sexual in nature, the Clinton’s are no stranger to controversy.

Clinton cartoon

The actions of the Clinton’s are worth than Trump’s words any day. We saw at the debate earlier this week that Trump brought a number of those allegedly sexually abused by Bill Clinton to the debate – and a woman whose rapist was defended in court by Hillary.

Hillary Clinton isn’t responsible for her husband’s crimes – but she is guilty trying to silence those women. And the media is guilty for completely ignoring them entirely.

As more women come forward accusing Trump of instances of sexual assault, the same news stations covering these stories have yet to contact Bill Clinton’s assault accusers about their stories.

On Thursday, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity asked three of former President Bill Clinton’s assault accusers the following question:

“Considering what is in the news today with Donald Trump, has the mainstream media been receptive to asking you three about your stories?”

Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey all said “no.”

Broadrick went on to name a few mainstream media companies, saying they haven’t been contacted by a single one.

When Hannity asked the women if this “reeks of politics.” They all said yes.

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