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Clock Boy Is Back And Americans Aren’t Happy With His Latest Stunt!

Clock Boy

I thought we are told, “if you see something suspicious say something.” This certainly looks like something suspicious to me. Ahmed Mohamed should never have brought this bomb-looking clock to school! And now the family, which has left the country, wants money? And they will probably get whatever they want. Just like Barack Obama invited him to the White House like he was some hero.

This family should not be able to carry a lawsuit like this out. You cannot sue for rights in our country that your country does not afford you unless you are a citizen and pay taxes, am I correct?

Lucky they don’t put him in prison. Once again, who in their right mind would make a clock that looks like a bomb and take it to school? The parents are responsible for his stupidity as well.

From Newsmax:

The family of a Muslim boy who was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Texas school officials and others, saying they violated the 14-year-old boy’s civil rights.

The family has since moved to Qatar, citing threats and a scholarship offered to Ahmed in the Persian Gulf country. Ahmed moved back to the U.S. last month for the summer to visit family and friends, and will do some traveling around the country.

Among the claims made in the suit, which was brought by the teen’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, is that the boy’s right to equal protection under the law was violated and that officers arrested him without probable cause.

Ahmed was a victim of systemic discrimination by the school district and state Board of Education that has marginalized Muslims and other minority groups, the suit claims.

“History tells us that when we have stood tall and proud for equality and freedom, we have grown as a nation,” the suit says. “When we have given in to fear and hate, we flounder.”

The suit adds, “In the case of Ahmed Mohamed, we have the opportunity to take a stand for equality and justice, two things that should prevail above all else.”

Ahmed’s story brought an outpouring of support from President Barack Obama, other political leaders, corporate executives and NASA scientists.

Clock Boy

Only in America. You can create nonsense and be a millionaire after. When are we going to be rid of this family? The whole thing was a set-up by him and his family. But what’s even more outrageous is that Obama and leaders in industry fell for this crap, this deception, this agenda.

Do you think this lawsuit is going to go anywhere? Should this young boy be able to sue while not living in the United States of America? Share your voices in the comments section below.