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The Sister of the Muslim Boy Arrested for Bomb Scare Clock Has a SHOCKING Past…


A lot has been revealed in the past week about Ahmed Mohammad, the Texas student who was arrested for having a clock he allegedly built mistaken for a bomb. We now know that the famous picture of Ahmed in handcuffs was only able to be taken because his father asked for Ahmed to be re-handcuffed for the photograph, and that he didn’t even build a clock, he took apart an existing clock and put in inside a pencil box. It’s almost as if the media jumped to report on any story that could further the “Islamaphobia” narrative.

The story is suspicious for a number of reasons. As Shark Tank star Mark Cuban stated on a recent Bill Maher appearance, he had spoken to Ahmed over the phone, but also said he said could hear Ahmed’s sister “over his shoulder… listening to the question, giving him the answer.” And his sister is of relevance here, because she has an interesting past of her own. To quote from IJ Review:

“I [Ahmed’s sister] got suspended from school for three days from this stupid same district, from this girl saying I wanted to blow up the school, something I had nothing to do with.”

Eyman talks with the slightest lisp, almost imperceptible, but it becomes stronger as she gets emotional.

“I got suspended and I didn’t do anything about it and so when I heard about Ahmed, I was so mad because it happened to me and I didn’t get to stand up, so I’m making sure he’s standing up because it’s not right. So I’m not jealous, I’m kinda like—it’s like he’s standing for me.”

Whether or not she actually made the threat herself, it is suspicious that two siblings would be suspended for bomb scares. We’ve seen how favorably this whole fiasco turned out for Ahmed – maybe this is what he wanted all along.

Is the narrative the media is giving us completely bogus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Comments on “The Sister of the Muslim Boy Arrested for Bomb Scare Clock Has a SHOCKING Past…”

  1. Ronald says:

    Completely planned, and scripted, from beginning to end. Just part of his father’s CAIR maneuvering.