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WATCH: In One Sentence, CNN Guest Destroys Obama’s Focus on Climate Change


In the midst of reporting on the attack in San Bernardino, California, one guest on CNN slipped in an epic blast on President Obama. In one sentence the guest pointed out the absolute absurdity of the President’s focus on global warming as his number one concern for national security.

As the network reported on the carefully thought-out shooting that took the lives of 14 people and seriously injured another 17, the commentator observed that no amount of gun control is going to stop bad guys from getting weapons.

He then quipped, “I think it’s clear though that none of these things occurring have to do with climate change.”

The comment drew laughter from other reporters at the CNN news desk.

Take a listen …

Via The Blaze:

A guest on CNN took a swipe at President Barack Obama Wednesday night, concluding his commentary on the San Bernardino shooting by noting “it’s clear” it wasn’t related to global warming.

“I think it’s clear though that none of these things occurring have to do with climate change,” the guest said, drawing some laughter from the panel.

The guest’s comment was seemingly in reference to Obama connecting climate change to terrorism earlier this week in Paris.

While details of this horrific attack are still coming out, it’s important to note that Obama and the other Democrat presidential candidates actually do believe that a global warming hoax is the biggest threat to national security – not terrorism, whether abroad or domestic in nature.

Which is a bigger threat to American lives, terrorism or global warming? Share your thoughts below.



  1. Robert says:

    Barack Obama has become so goofy that I wonder why Congress has not removed him from office. The man is obviously mentally unbalanced.

  2. Mimosa says:

    Pollution is an issue but so is terrorism and corrupt politicians …. So is one ideology of nothing but death and oppression that supports slavery but Potus and company are too greedy to bother with that because that ideology can really turn out some pawns to help the political agenda!!! That agenda DICTATORSHIP, OPPRESSION AND MAKING YOU EVEN MORE OF A SLAVE TO THEIR WHIMS AND MONEY MAKING WHILE YOU STARVE!!!