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Which CNN News Anchor Passed Out On Live Television?


CNN anchor Poppy Harlow had a scary moment on television this morning, succumbing to heat and quite possibly the effects of being pregnant, and passed out during a live broadcast.

Via USA Today:

Ah, the joys of pregnancy: The food cravings. The stomach upsets. The fainting while live at the anchor desk on CNN.

Maybe it was all those hot lights, but anchor Poppy Harlow passed out briefly while on the air Monday morning. She was discussing the war on terror when suddenly she wasn’t, or at least not making much sense, as her voice faltered and words failed her.

Watch the moment Harlow passed out below:

Minutes later, Harlow returned to the set explaining, “I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment. I am fine and we’re going to take a quick break.”

A true pro’s pro, Harlow is.

The following may be a slightly more impressive recovery however – a TV reporter passes out while wearing skis during a live broadcast, recovers, and finishes the interview while sitting in the snow.

Now that is impressive stuff.

We’re glad to see that Poppy Harlow, as well as the aforementioned reporter, is doing just fine.

Comment: What was going through your mind when you first heard Harlow in distress during the live broadcast? Share your thoughts below.