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The Media Used to be Honest in This Country…What Happened?

CNN Trump

I’m not a conspiracy theory believer on a large scale, but what happened on CNN makes me question my opinion. A Republican congressman was warming up to dismantle Hillary Clinton but suddenly had his mic cut as soon as he brought up WikiLeaks.

I was born, but it wasn’t yesterday. That was not just coincidence. I don’t think I have seen a pattern screen go up in years! Usually, there is apparent signal trouble or glitches, this was entirely purposeful in how it appeared!

CNN Trump

CNN’s host Chris Cuomo looked as if he was frustrated when he said “Well, that sucks,” as if we were to believe he thought it was a travesty they wouldn’t hear what the Congressman had to say about Clinton.

I wish I could ask these journalists and news reporters why they are risking their reputations, their careers, their integrity to protect a criminal. What do they think they’re going to gain by defending her?

Hillary isn’t going to do anything for any of them – they’ll go down before she will. Here’s your chance to make a name for yourself – to do something honorable and memorable, to bring back at least a little bit of respect for a profession that has become a laughing stock.

You have a chance to have a Woodward and Bernstein moment – actually, a bigger moment, because what you all have in front of you – the WikiLeaks, the FBI documents, etc…can bring down an entire government if you report it accurately and honestly. But you all choose to be a pawn, to be used, controlled and manipulated by a liar, a cheater.

I don’t know how you can look at your children at night – I would be too ashamed even to go home.

Most Americans believe that the media has been unfair to Trump during the election, and are essentially in the tank for Hillary Clinton. If the American public cannot trust that the media will be honest, how can we expect to have a fair and open election? Our nation was founded on democratic principles, and one of those principles is a media free from government or outside influence.

H/T: YouTube/kawaii 5-0

Aren’t you tired of this happening to conservatives/Republicans guests? Do you think CNN cut the Congressman’s feed on purpose or was it an accident? Share your analysis below in the comment section.

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