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Watch: CNN Panel Freaks Out After Trump Supporters Chant…

CNN Trump panel

I’m glad people are finally speaking out about the corrupt media. Most Americans are sick of the same politics as usual.

These anchors, journalists, liars whatever you want to call them, have asked for trouble. They made their own bed by lying, exaggerating and assuming the American people are idiots enough to let them get away with this. Telling these people what they think by chanting how they feel about CNN is not inciting violence anymore than their lies do.

And now CNN is actually blaming Trump for the way that people feel about the news media. When it’s a known fact it’s right there in everyone’s face but none of them will report anything negative about Hillary Clinton.

From NewsBusters:

After playing the short video clip, Cuomo, Camerota, Carter and Stelter wonder aloud what sinister outcome could arise from this display. Cuomo began by calling it “very high on the list of irresponsible things the guy has done,” blasting Trump for not thinking “about the implications to anybody other than himself.” Cuomo whined, “Have you ever heard of anybody in politics, let alone a presidential nominee, doing anything like this to the fourth estate?”

Stelter agreed this was “much, much worse than what we’ve seen in the past,” while Bill Carter added that there was “a mob mentality now at stake.” “These people are yelling and shouting and threatening reporters in a way I’ve never seen,” he stated.

Alisyn Camerota remarked that at rallies crowd members would “yell at” reporters and make “vulgar gestures at them.”

“[A]nd Trump encourages it,” Stelter began to say. “He needs to help bring the temperature down. Instead, he keeps raising the temperature by lying to them,” he added.

Cuomo then warned that “something is going to happen” to a reporter at a Trump rally because of the increased criticism of the media.

CUOMO: I dealt with that at the RNC. I get the passion. But a politician has a responsibility. You shape the passion of people. I don’t mean to call supporters sheep. I respect people who want to back politicians. Trust me. But he makes them angry. Then instead of saying things to you, they want to do things to you. I’m telling you, something is going to happen. Something is going to happen.

Do you think that your very own behavior has contributed to the tone with which you are spoken to by Trump supporters? You spread false information, lie continuously about Trump, lie about Hillary but in a positive manner. You insult Trump supporters and praise Clinton supporters! You refuse to report on Clinton’s crimes. What else would you expect? No one has threatened you. If they had then you would have it on tape and would be blowing it out of proportion. You’re lying about being threatened.

Maybe they should think of the implications of their words and actions AND MAYBE they should start talking about what Clinton says about American citizens and how Trump supporters have been continuously attacked over the past year.

Do you think the Trump rally crowd would enact violence on the lowly CNN panel? Do you think voters are just fed up with the crap they see from mainstream news media? Share your voices below and let me know what you think.

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