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Colbert’s New Show Received BAD News! This Says a Lot about Liberalism on Late Night!


If you build it they will come, but apparently they may not come back a second time.

Stephen Colbert’s much anticipated takeover of the Late Show happened last week, drawing an audience of over six and a half million viewers. Even I admittedly got plenty of laughs from Colbert’s former character on his Comedy Central show, but he made the mistake of keeping his political biases noticeable when transitioning to the Late Show. Liberal spin may be appropriate for the kinds of people who get their news from a comedy channel, but not the general American public watching late night TV. Proof of my point? By only his second show, Colbert has lost nearly half of his audience. To quote the specifics from the LA Times:

Colbert averaged 3.66 million viewers for his second CBS program, according to Nielsen, down 44% from the 6.55 million who watched his heavily promoted debut on Tuesday. NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” was back on top for the night with 4.06 million viewers.

Fallon was also first among viewers aged 18 to 49 with a 1.2 rating compared to .8 for Colbert.

ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” scored 1.85 million viewers and a .5 in the 18 to 49 category, bouncing back a bit after taking a hit Tuesday due to sampling for Colbert.

Maybe it’s time for Colbert to go the route of Jon Stewart and retire for real.

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