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Cold Season Is Fast Approaching – Could This Be the Secret to Staying Healthy?

A new study released on how to prevent the common cold is, on one hand common sense, and on another, a great piece of information to have when deciding when to set a bedtime. Voice of America reports on the findings,

While a cure for the common cold remains elusive, a new study says getting enough sleep could be key to avoid getting sick in the first place.

The study found that people getting less than six hours of sleep per night were four times more likely to catch a cold than their longer sleeping counterparts.

According to lead researcher Aric Prather, a sleep researcher at the University of San Francisco, the study was the first to “use objective sleep measures to connect people’s natural sleep habits and their risk of getting sick.”

For non-parents, this is great news about how to stay healthy with cold and flu season coming. And for parents, the information is crucial to keeping the entire family healthy. Recently, Wilson Elementary School in Wisconsin posted an infographic on how much sleep children should be getting and when their bedtimes should be set, depending on their wakeup time. It’s a crucial piece of information for any parent, but especially in light of how important sleep is for preventing sick days:

Comment below: How much sleep do you get a night?