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America’s Police Just RIPPED The NFL Over This Major Penalty!

Colin Kaepernick

There’s an old saying that I grew up with, and I think I could use it without prejudice for this article, “The grits have hit the pan.” San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick earlier in the week decided to sit doing the national anthem in protest of how blacks are treated by police across the nation.

There were many who sided with him and much more who were against him but now he has touched the wrong side of the law. Kaepernick wore socks during practice that had the image of “police as pigs.” It’s an insult to law enforcement that started with the Black Panthers in the 60s.

If the same NFL will allow him to wear those socks and and prevented the Cowboys from wearing an arm in arm symbol to support our police offers who have died at the hands of the people that support the pig sock, then I will not watch any pro football this season.

From USA Today:

The executive director of one of the largest police organizations in the country blasted Colin Kaepernick and the NFL on Thursday after learning that during training camp practices in August, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback wore socks that bear the image of cartoon pigs wearing police hats.

“It’s just ridiculous that the same league that prohibits the Dallas (Cowboys) football club from honoring the slain officers in their community with their uniforms stands silent when Kaepernick is dishonoring police officers with what he’s wearing on the field,” Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations (a coalition of police unions and associations from across the country), told USA TODAY Sports.

(The Cowboys’ plan to use a helmet decal as a tribute to the five police officers killed in July’s sniper attack was denied by the NFL, according to a published report.)

“I think the league is in a downward spiral regarding their obligations to the public under (Commissioner) Roger Goodell,” added Johnson, “and this is just another example of that.”

The NFL chose not to provide an official response until the league office had consulted the 49ers, who play the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night in their final preseason game.

This is nothing more than attention seeking and trying to get cut from San Fran. The 49er organization will benefit big time if they bench his ass for the remainder of his contract and let him fade into yesterday’s news.

I guess he’s a social justice warrior now who has no idea what he stands for.  If he did, he would be talking to inner city youth and attempting to fix the root of the problem, and that is the crime being committed at an alarming rate by the black population. Statistics don’t lie!

The NFL is quickly turning into a bunch of whiny lying cheating criminals. Abuse animals, beat your wife, cheat, etc. they have a spot for you. Hey NFL, get your head into the game.

What action should the NFL take against Kaepernick? Did this  police organization do the right thing? Share your opinions below in the comment section and give us an idea where you are on this topic.