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After An NFL Brat Refused To Stand For The Anthem – A Whole Team Sent Him And America A Big Message!


After Colin Kaepernick‘s disrespect of our country and this flag, his fellow NFLers have responded. You would think they would rally around their fellow athlete, but you would be wrong. In fact the reaction against Kaepernick is so strong that an entire team, the New York Giants, LITERALLY stood against him and his Anti-American hate.
Via USAToday:

Prior to Saturday’s game against the New York Jets, running back Rashad Jennings decided to offer his two cents.

“I would say that it’s nice to know that we live in a country where sitting down during the anthem won’t land you in jail or worse,” Jennings told the New York Daily News, referring to countries that oppress freedom of speech. “But I personally choose to stand and honor the anthem for what I hold it to represent to me.

But Jennings wasn’t the only one to stand up for this country:

Alongside offensive lineman Justin Pugh, who also publicly disagreed with Kaepernick’s decision, Jennings and every single other member of the Giants stood in solidarity for the National Anthem on Saturday night.

Here are the Giants standing up for America!

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