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Corrupt Media Spreads Lies About Kaepernick Criticism!

colin kaepernick trump

Who the hell do you sports analysts think you are? I am an Independent, and although I am a Trump supporter, I know for a fact a few friends of mine who are not supporting my candidate were pissed off at 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem.

Our flag represents people of all color fighting for our freedom. If Colin is offended, he would have already gone to black community organizers or black clergy to help the oppressed people. He could give plenty of his money to worthwhile needy minorities down on their luck. And with college coming he could give some scholarship money to worthy minority students so they overcome oppression.His sitting down is just disrespectful.

colin kaepernick trump

From NewsBusters:

Apparently those who profess to be most offended by stereotyping and profiling are taking a break, to stereotype and profile Republicans and conservatives.

Reacting to criticism of Colin Kaepernick for sitting during the National Anthem on Friday night, ESPN’s Pablo S. Torre took to Twitter with an open mind, and absolutely no sweeping generalizations:

So, according to Torre, the only people upset with Kaepernick are Republicans and Trump supporters? Because only Republicans care about showing respect for the flag? Or, don’t think their country is being run by racists?


Torre went on:

Yeah, it’s not all about sports at all. The National Anthem is supposed to be a unifying moment that brings us together as one before we all yell and scream and foam at the mouth at each other. This is a point understood by most people. These same “most people,” many of whom elected and then re-elected a black President, don’t believe the American flag represents bigotry or oppression.

Saying only Trump supporters are offended by what Kaepernick did speaks volumes about liberals. The hate America and conservatism but are capitalists when it comes to having luxuries. They couldn’t be socialist for a nanosecond.

This has nothing to do with Trump! It is all about “respect.” Respect, a word that has been forgotten lately and it needs to be ingrained into the younger generations! As a veteran of the military, I proudly served the greatest nation on earth and am truly disgusted with the level of disrespect shown by Mr. Kapernick to those who served and died for the freedom we have today!

Have you ever asked yourself, what would the members of the greatest generation that fought in World War II think today about antics of some people like Kaepernick?

At least there is some hope that there are athletes like Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Michael Jordan, to name a few, that know when and where to speak for a cause and do it productively and most importantly RESPECTFULLY!

What do you think of ESPN dismissing thousands of soldiers who served who felt embarrassment and anger from Kaepernick’s selfish move? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let me know what you feel. This time, I want you to be PASSIONATE!



  1. henry knox says:

    I do believe that at least 30% of the country agrees with mister Kaepernick, the woman running for President being one. The current administration believes that Iran can better spend our tax money than Americans. Poor Mr. Kaepernick has been treated so badly in this country that I wouldn’t blame him if he gave away all his wealth to the poor to show that he wasn’t a hypocrite.

  2. hsabin says:

    You gotta love blacks who make millions, are adored by millions for chasing after a stupid little ball, speak out about how downtrodden the blacks are in America. Know why they are downtrodden? Because of idiots like this clown. And because they believe every word from their equally stupid BLACK leaders, the Democratic party and the media. If blacks wanted to get ahead they would get education, use the talents they have to make money and start protesting welfare programs that keep blacks and others as government slaves. They would tell their women to stop breeding children from loser men. They would teach their children to respect their neighbors and help each other. that’s just for starters!

  3. David says:

    Wait a minute;; Michelle obama was caught on a live mike saying; “Why is there so much fuss over a silly flag”; remember HALF THIS NATION HATES what we stand for and want to turn us into Venezuela/cuba.