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Colorado High School Bans Religious Speech, “Amazing Grace”

When are our schools going to stop attacking any expression of religion?

Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs told a group of students that they were not allowed to meet to pray, discuss religious topics, or sing songs of faith such as “Amazing Grace” during scheduled free time during school hours.

Chase Winderbank, a senior, and his classmates had been meeting informally for three years doing just that in a spare choir room, but was abruptly pulled into the principal’s office and told to stop the meetings.

Jeremy Tedesco, an attorney representing the student from Alliance Defending Freedom, explained what Chase was told:

“He was told that he could no longer pray with his fellow students during free time because of the separation between church and state. He was told he could pray before the school day begins or after the school day ends but he could not do it during the school day.”

The school district said that although no non-curricular clubs are permitted to meet during the school day, Chase and his friends could still meet informally provided that they do not discuss religion – blatantly censoring religious speech.

Will liberals ever realize that religious freedom doesn’t mean an absence of religion?

H/T: Fox News