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Columbia Law Students Can’t Handle Grand Jury Verdicts


Columbia Law School in New York City is one of the country’s best as it ranks fourth in the country according to US News and World Report. One would think, therefore, that their students would be better equipped to handle legal decisions like what took place in Ferguson and Staten Island, as unfair as they think it might have been. A letter sent to students offered not only counseling services with a “trauma specialist” but extended office hours were offered to give the opportunity to petition for an extension on their final exams. A second year law student told the New York Post, 

I understand how friends and family and acquaintances of those [victims’] families would need a lot of time to heal. But this decision seems like a cop-out to me. I feel like it’s because there are some people who would rather go out and protest in the streets than study this week.

National Review‘s Jim Geraghty had some tough love for those who find themselves in need of trauma specialists in the wake of a grand jury decision that doesn’t remotely impact them personally,

If in five years, once these students are on a trial and another “traumatic” decision is rendered, will these lawyers request a continuance from their clients or the judge? Instead of having seminars into the details of the case, it appears Columbia is instead encouraging (or at least facilitating) protesting from its students.

Would you be willing to pay for this law school knowing about these extensions?