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Comedian David Spade Defends Republicans – They Get A Bad Rap!


Former SNL legend, sidekick to the late Chris Farley, and more recently one of the great comedians in the Grown Ups movies, David Spade, is surprisingly coming to the defense of Republicans.

We say surprisingly simply because it’s so rare for Hollywood actors to come out on the side of Republicans.

Spade appeared with Bill O’Reilly and discussed his recent criticism of President Obama appearing on reality TV shows. The actor said he believes “a president should have a little more dignity than …┬ádoing reality shows.”

You can check out that report below:

Spade told O’Reilly that he “got so much hate” for his comments about Obama when he was just “goofing around.”

Still, he went on to point out that he and other Saturday Night Live stars have become more conservative as they grow older, even saying that Republicans “get a bad rap.”

Via Fox News Insider:

He said he was just stating that he doesn’t believe that someone in such an important, elevated office should be appearing on a reality show.

O’Reilly pointed out that Spade – along with other “Saturday Night Live” alums like Dennis Miller, Adam Sandler and Norm MacDonald – has become more conservative as he’s grown older.

“I think my mom said, ‘When you’re younger, you’re Democrat. When you get older, you get Republican,'” Spade said. “Republicans get a bad rap.”

Watch the interview with Spade below then share your thoughts in the comments section …

Spade’s mom is right.

As Winston Churchill once observed, “anyone who was not a liberal at 20 years of age had no heart, while anyone who was still a liberal at 40 had no head.”

Comment: Do you agree with Spade that Republicans get a bad rap? Why do you think that is? Give us your observations below.