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THIS Is Why You Haven’t Heard About The OTHER Nightclub Shooting

concealed carry

What would’ve happened if someone else at the Pulse nightclub had been armed when Omar Marteen was carrying out his ISIS inspired massacre? Liberals would likely mock such a question, but family members of the victims aren’t buying Obama’s gun control narrative. They’re saying they wish there had been at least one other person with a gun.

Case in point, there was another attempted nightclub shooting just the other day, but there’s a particular reason you haven’t heard about it…

A man with a concealed carry permit stopped a shooting at a nightclub in Spartanburg, SC over the weekend, and the national media totally ignored the story.

According to WISTV, the incident occurred just after 3:00 am, EST Sunday morning.

Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputies confirmed that 32-year-old Jody Ray Thompson (below) pulled out a gun and fired several shots into a crowd after getting into an argument at the “Playoffz” nightclub.

Thompson’s shots struck three people and nearly hit a fourth man, who immediately pulled out his own firearm and took down the attacker with a shot to the leg.

Lt. Kevin Bobo told WISTV that the man who took Thompson down had a concealed carry permit, cooperated with investigators and will not face charges.

H/T: Daily Caller

Of course, the reason you haven’t heard about this is because there was a good guy with a gun at the event.

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