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Concert Video Emerges From Paris Mass Shooting In Concert Hall Before Shooting; Pray For The Victim’s Families!


This disturbing new video has emerged from inside the Paris Bataclan Theater of the moment the ISIS gunmen opened fire into the crowd.

Survivors of the attack have told authorities that a woman was among the gunmen firing randomly into the crowd. Three of them detonated suicide vests when police stormed the building, and a fourth was killed by police before they could do the same.


At least 129 people died in Paris on Friday night after eight terrorists, including one as young as 15, attacked the Stade de France, restaurants, and the packed Bataclan concert hall armed with AK-47s, grenades, and suicide vests.

This disturbing image from inside the Bataclan Theatre where the terrorists opened fire on concertgoers on Friday night – killing at least 95 people and injuring hundreds more. WARNING: The image is disturbing.

Here’s a video of the shooting between the terrorists and the police:

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