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Confused About the Iowa Caucus? Let’s Explain Using Legos And Candy


Making heads or tails out of the Iowa caucuses can be a daunting task. A recent completely imaginary and non-existent poll suggests that nearly 99% of all non-Iowan Americans struggle to understand the process taking place today in the Hawkeye state.

With that in mind, we searched high and low to bring you the most extensive, thoroughly researched and highly intelligent guides in which to shed light on that process … using Legos and candy.

Via Slate:

Vermont Public Radio took on the challenge of explaining how Iowa caucuses work and tried to do it as easy to understand as possible, with the help of Legos. The entertaining two-minute video lays out the basics of the process and makes it clear why it’s important for all candidates to have knowledgeable supporters in each precinct.

You can check out the awesome (because everything is awesome) Lego primer below …

If that wasn’t enough of an educational guide, we also offer up this video explanation using something everybody enjoys … candy.

Via Eye Opener:

So you wanna vote, huh?  Well, in Iowa, things are a little bit different.  You see, the Hawkeye State is one of 13 states that uses a caucus system to decide their primary.

To explain how it works we’re going to throw out the politics and go with something we can all understand: candy!

So, today we’re going to pick Eye Opener’s favorite candy in our vending machine.

The video below, as with the Lego guide, explains the Iowa caucuses from a Democrat standpoint, which is a little different …

So there you have it, the complexities of the Iowa caucuses boiled down to Legos and candy.

Comment: Did you enjoy the two guides to the Iowa caucuses? Did they legitimately help you to better understand the process? Let us know what you thought below.