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Congress Actually Did Something Right, For Once

Maybe Congress can actually do something right after all.

Congress recently voted to eliminate 48 useless annual reports from federal agencies that are a waste of taxpayer money. The bill now goes to President Obama for a signature.

Here are some of the useless reports that have been eliminated:

  • A report dating back to 1930 relating to dog and cat fur in imports.
  • A report on how many acres of peanut farms exist.
  • A report on all federal reports on the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The good news is that the elimination of these reports is going to save taxpayers $1 million a year. The bad news is that the reports being eliminated are less than 1% of the 4,921 annual reports that federal agencies produce each year.

Who actually reads all of those? Why were we funding this in the first place?


H/T: AllGov