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Congress Could Defund #BlackLivesMatter By Doing THIS!


Black Lives Matters has been exposed for what it really is, an attempt to squash free speech and ensure leftists have an even bigger stranglehold on our education system.

Well, Rep Peter Roskam has had a enough and is proposing something that could END the movement for good!

On Wednesday, Roskam stepped into the raging controversy over free speech on college campuses, warning in a subcommittee hearing that colleges are increasingly “shutting down the marketplace of ideas” by instituting free speech codes and requiring reporting of “micro-aggressions” — subtle or unintended slights toward minority groups that reinforce stereotypes.

Such free-speech infringements, Roskam said, could risk colleges’ nonprofit status, making them a matter of concern for the tax-writing committee.

“I’ve heard from conservative students and faculty who were prohibited, shut down or even fired when trying to express their support for the sanctity of life, their concerns about immigration or Planned Parenthood or defense of Israel, or their view that the government needs to stick more closely to the guidance of the Constitution,” Roskam said.

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What are your thoughts? Could this be what ends the anti-speech movement on college campuses?