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Congress Delivers Powerful Conclusion To Bergdahl For Terrorist Swap! Obama Is In Deep Trouble And There’s More!


A year-long Congressional investigation has concluded that President Obama knowingly and willfully violated federal law.

The investigation focused on the exchange of five senior Taliban leaders for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, and the efforts made by the administration to hide the negotiations from Congress.

Federal law requires the President to give members of Congress at least 30 days notice of any detainee transfers from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, where the five Taliban leaders were held.

That duty was not met according to the report from the House Armed Services Committee. In fact, the report says the White House intentionally mislead lawmakers about the potential prisoner exchange.

Instead of 30 days notice, Congress was given just a few hours notice before the May 2014 transfer took place.

“Our report finds that the Administration clearly broke the law in not notifying Congress of the transfer,” said the committee’s Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas). “Leading up to the transfer, DOD officials misled Congress as to the status of negotiations. Pentagon officials best positioned to assess the national security risks were left out of the process, which increases the chances of dangerous consequences from the transfer.”

“It is irresponsible to put these terrorists that much closer to the battlefield to settle a campaign promise and unconscionable to mislead Congress in the process,” he added.


Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-MO), the chairwoman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, said the “most disturbing” findings “are the calculated decisions and plan to mislead Congress and the American people as to the details and necessity of this transfer.”

“After rigorous investigation, there are still some unknowns. We still do not know if we negotiated for less than five detainees. We do not know how five was determined to be the ‘right’ number in this exchange,” she said. “However, we now know to what extent this Administration is willing to go to achieve political goals.”

Watch the report here:

Obama hailed Bergdahl as a POW brought home, and held a press conference with Bergdahl’s father in the Rose Garden. But the rumblings from inside the military came to a crescendo when it became clear that Bergdahl was not captured, as the President told the American people, but had abandoned his post and deserted his unit.

Once Obama’s political golden child, Bergdahl now potentially faces the death penalty under the charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. But rumors abound that Berdahl will be spared prison time at all to help the administration save face.

H/T: The Hill, Breitbart

Most common sense Americans didn’t need a congressional investigation, but happy they had one that came to this decision. So what happens now? What would you do? Impeachment? Share you comments below and tell you friends this might start the chain reaction to taking down Obama!



  1. wynswn55 says:

    Sgt Bergdahl It Is Now Known Clearly To Have Deserted His Post In The Face Of The Enemy.
    Gen. Abrams Has Shown Great Courage In Determining In Defying The President Here In
    Ordering The Full Court-Martial. Plain And Simple.There Should Be No Hooplah Here.
    The Man Is Doing His Job. Being A Vietnam Veteran Here Sgt. Bergdahl Is Lucky Here To Have Made It Back To America Here Walking Instead Of In A Box! For Him To Have Fooled Many Of Us Into Believing And Protesting For His Release Deserves No Less Than A Life Sentence.
    My Sentence Would Be In Front Of A Firing Squad For The Shame Brought Upon The United States.

  2. Light says:

    Obama is nothing but a puppet just like the rest of them…

  3. Barbara says:

    This just further proves how STUPID AND INCOMPETENT our Congress is and how easily they are misled by none other than the Commander In Chief! All of them except Trey Gowdy should be dumped immediately!

  4. Colleen S says:

    He is in trouble all the time. Breaking the rules ignoring the constitution lying to the American people. So many treasonous
    Acts. Never has he been held responsible for any of them. Nothing will happen to him for this either.

  5. Reginald says:

    What the f is wrong with this congress?
    They should all be hung for their treasonous acts against its PEOPLE and OUR CONSTITUTION. I am fed up with all this rhetoric and hypocrisy promoted by these liberal progressive socialist commies who must be removed from OUR GOVERNMENT and arrested and tried for their TREASONOUS acts against US the AMERICAN PEOPLE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. Bonnie says:

    “But rumors abound that Berdahl will be spared prison time at all to help the administration save face”.
    This is the key sentence in this article. We don’t “offend” our enemies. As Obama himself would say, “that’s not who we are”.

  7. Rudy says:

    Yeah I will wait and see if congress does anything about this. If they stay true to their pattern, they will fake the outrage, work up the froth and then do……………..NOTHING. They are all in on it. They are complicit. We haven’t gotten down this deep in the rabbit hole for the last 7 years without a whole lot of HELP FROM COMPLICIT CONGRESS.

  8. Thomas says:

    Does this mean that FINALLY Congress has an IMPEACHABLE offense to charge the POS traitor Obama. Congress has let this traitor run amok TOO long–time to kick him out of office–NOW!

    1. Juan Two Three says:

      Thomas: Oh God, I hope so!! I hope someone in the House or Senate immediately files a Declaration of Impeachment on this SOB….he can then think about it on his 17 day Hawaiian vacation that WE are going to pay in excess of $10MILLION dollars for
      ! I hope his friggin tribe choke on their fried chicken and watermelon!

  9. Hank says:

    His lying, lawless ass should have been gone a long time ago. He is a treasonous felon, a traitor and a liar!!

  10. Barbara says:

    This guy has got to go. There is no other course that you can take. He is a walking disaster to our country. He can’t stand our Constitution or our Bill of Rights. He has pushed agenda on us that we just can’t except. Wanting us to except sharia law is a area that we don’t want to go. Our Country has to much history with muslims and their way of living, or with Iran and their ways. We have been attacked by them in so many ways. We want no more mosques in our country. Lets face it they hate us and want to conquer us or behead us into their ways.No more. Everything that obama has touch spells destruction. people are out of work and this TPP is destructive to our country. I don’t give a damn what the Dems want. They are no longer represent our America They belong to some other country.Bullies, socialist , progressives. border on communism.

  11. George E says:

    Anyone with half a brain, which would include the Gruber types, should have known that the ghetto organizer was/is a radical anti American prior to the elections!

  12. Robert says:

    This president has broken so many laws that it is hard to remember them all from “recess appointments” to “it’s not a tax” to “it’s not a coup” to the Bergdahl swap to the Iran “deal.” Why is he still in office? If there are no consequences he will keep breaking laws. He has surrounded himself with people who are just as dishonest and corrupt as he is.

  13. Rita says:

    The list of treason acts for BO is long and growing. This is only one where he sneak and lied to get his way. What other President opens his mouth instead of wait for all the information to say “Oh this could have been my son.” Here he begin start stir the pot to cause racial tension in our Country. No once but several times has the community organizer tsar came out for the law breakers. Has he not started the war on our people in Blue? BO has remarks has cause several murders of Police Officers. Then what does this Jack Ass do but make a middle of the night deal with Cuba. I remember well when JFK was fighting Castro to protect our Nation not sell it out like BO has. Where is all the jobs that BO promised instead his economic plan has put us on the brink of economy collapse. But have this dangerous plan may be a planned catastrophe to effect our Nation as well after all his buddy George Soros is known for cause National Economy failures. How about his ties with Muslim Brotherhood which is sworn enemy of the USA. This group is where Al Qaeda and ISIS come from yet BO is funding and aiding this groups in Syria. Even his wonder idea of ObamaCare has caused some major issue as well in our insurances.
    Article III the Constitution states: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” So my question is who will bring formal charges or will testify against BO?

    And I for one am sick to death of him jump on the TV screen to give another one of his lectures on gun control to all of us. When the one that need a DAM good lectures on all his stupid acts and attacks of the American people and never gets one.