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Congressman Asks IRS Commissioner If He Plans On Following the Law – You Won’t Believe His Response

In response to a question posed about whether or not he intended to follow the law, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen responded with “Wherever we can, we follow the law.”

Not, “Yes.”

Not, “Of course, we always follow the law.”

Rather, a version of ‘we’ll do our best.’

The question was posed by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) to a man in Koskinen who has spent the better part of this year trying to fight his way out of a tangled web of lies. The response left Brady somewhat bewildered, letting out an exasperated chuckle and seemingly losing his train of thought.

Watch the clip below…

Here is the transcript:

Brady: Will you be following the law in the collection of that, in that instance, an ineligible subsidy.

Koskinen: If somebody’s ineligible, and as we seek credit, they’ll be treated the way anybody else would be in our compliance process.

Brady: No, no, no. The question was the law in that case there is not a cap, all of the subsidy must be paid. Will you be following the law in that recapture.

Ksokinen: Yes, wherever we can, we follow the law.

Brady:  (laughter) Whenever we can. I encourage you to follow the law in all instances.

A press release from the House Oversight Committee reveals why this comment is so relevant.

  • The IRS didn’t follow the law when they targeted conservatives groups for their beliefs.
  • The IRS didn’t follow the law when they demanded information about the content of prayers.
  • The IRS didn’t follow the law when they handed out subsidies to states in the federal health care Exchange.
  • The IRS didn’t follow the law when they leaked confidential taxpayer information.

The release also points out that while the IRS appears incredibly lax when it comes to adherence to the law, they would not afford taxpayers the same luxury.



  1. Bill says:

    This commissioner guy is a liberal alien

  2. Brenda says:

    I look forward to the day that stupid smile is wiped from the commissioners face.

    1. Billie says:

      There is nothing unbelievable about an outlaw administration not obeying the law. To them the law is only there to regulate us.

    2. Terry says:

      As do I Brenda. I detest that smiling monkey.