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Congressman Explains Why We Could Lose to ISIS: ‘We’re Taking God out of This Country’


Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) thinks that we could lose the war against ISIS because “We’re taking God out of this country.”

He explained during an interview with NewsMax TV that America is indeed at war with the Islamic State – something President Obama seems unwilling to admit – and that it is a religious war.

Yoho said, “They’re fighting for their God” while our nation continues to move away from our God.

He added, we need to “get back to some basics in this country.”

Via Salon:

“Congressman Flanagan said we’ve got to get God back into a lot of these principles in our country that we were founded on, and I agree,” Yoho said, referring to fellow guest Michael Flanagan, a former GOP congressman from Illinois. “We’re taking God out of this country, they’re fighting for their God, and all I can say is the person who has God on their side is going to win this. And I think we all need to huddle around and get back to some basics in this country.”

For his part, the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson points out that when it comes to the religious aspect of the terrorist problem, Obama doesn’t appear to be on the side of Christians.

“He spent as much time chastising Christians for their intolerance as he did Muslims,” Carlson explained. “He named a couple of isolated incidents where mentally ill Christians shot individuals as if that’s the same as an Islamic cult taking over in effect an entire country in the Middle East.”

He also went on to explain that he doesn’t think it’s just President Obama being naive or incompetent. Worse, he believes the administration just doesn’t “understand what the problem is intentionally.”

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What do you think of Congressman Yoho’s remarks? Are we losing a religious war because we’re not fighting for our God?