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Conservative Analyst Says One Thing Could Make A Trump Victory Inevitable!


According to conservative analyst Charles Krauthammer, there’s only one thing Donald Trump needs in order to seal the deal for the GOP nomination – the backing of an establishment Republican.

Krauthammer said that if Trump defeats Ted Cruz in Iowa, he could find an endorsement from a rank-and-file member of the GOP which would open the floodgates for other establishment members to rally behind him.

Via Fox News Insider:

If Donald Trump convincingly beats Ted Cruz in Iowa, then all that stands between him and becoming the Republican presidential nominee is the endorsement of a single current GOP establishment figure, Charles Krauthammer said on “Special Report” tonight.

Krauthammer explained that Trump has gotten big endorsements from Bob Dole – who represents the GOP of yesteryear – and Sarah Palin – who doesn’t fit the bill – but he hasn’t gotten the support of a sitting Republican governor or senator.

“If you get somebody today from the so-called ‘establishment’ who endorses him, I think it becomes a flood,” Krauthammer said. “[At] that point, the dam breaks, and you will get a rush of other establishment figures who will rally around him.”

“And that could be the point at which he becomes inevitable as the nominee.”

Watch Krauthammer’s analysis of the Trump/Cruz battle below!

Of course, the irony here is that Trump and Cruz have been campaigning by touting their ‘outsider credentials,’ and slamming the Washington ‘establishment.’

Comment: Do you think an endorsement from an establishment Republican will wrap up the nomination for Trump? Or would it actually hurt Trump? Share your thoughts below.

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Comments on “Conservative Analyst Says One Thing Could Make A Trump Victory Inevitable!”

  1. Mary says:

    There are enough voices to hurt establishment Republicans.