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What This Conservative Artist Just Did At A Bernie Sanders Exhibit Will Have You Rolling


A Los Angeles art gallery is actually holding an exhibition for Bernie Sanders fans in the hope of “inspiring change throughout the nation.”

In true creepy socialist fashion, the exhibit is titled “The Art of a Political Revolution.”

Because that’s what the United States needs – a socialist revolution.

A conservative artist known as Sabo crashed the exhibit this past weekend, just before Sanders was due to give a speech to the group. Sabo plastered “Free S***” exhibits of his own throughout the front of the building.

Here are a couple of examples of Sabo’s work (HT Gateway Pundit):

Sabo may have saved the best for last however, with this epic Trump-inspired poster:

You can check out Sabo’s efforts here.

Sabo was recently profiled in the IJ Review for his conservative artistry.

Sabo has become notorious for his conservative art. Not only are there few on the right who do what he does, but his work is loud, sometimes offensive, and it pops online, like his toned and tattooed Cruz with a cigarette in his mouth, Hillary Clinton’s face on a parody ad for E!’s “The Royals” and Democrat and former Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis as “Abortion Barbie.”

Yes, he’s the guy that brought you this epic Ted Cruz poster:

Comment: What do you think of the conservative artist’s work? Is there anything more appropriate than ‘free s***’ signs at a Bernie Sanders exhibit? Share your ideas below.