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Conservative Comedy… Coming to Your TV!

Can conservatives be funny? Absolutely.

Conservatives and libertarians, with their healthy skepticism of government have plenty of capacity for intelligent snark and humor. And now, you’ll be able to see more of that on TV on a new show: The Flipside

With Executive Producer Matthew Sheffield (formerly of Newsbusters), the show’s host is Michael Loftus, a veteran comic and TV show writer who also works on Charlie Sheen’s show “Anger Management.”

He’s been in the business for many years. You may have seen him on Comedy Central, the History Channel, or TruTV. He is hilarious!

Will The Flipside flop? We hope not. As Fox News showed, The Half Hour News Hour was a poorly written version of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, which didn’t last long. But on the other end, Fox’s Red Eye truly embodies the edgy conservative views many young people have and can make you laugh… even at a broadcast time of 3 a.m.

Visit their website to see if The Flipside will be available in your state.