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WOW! Conservative ICON Schlafly DESTROYS Anti-Trump Movement!

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Sen. Ted Cruz needs to check his campaign staff because they are going nuts. They are strong-arming established grassroots activists and delegates to the point even if he doesn’t win the nomination he could hurt his political career moving forward.

Phyllis Schlafly is one of the last remaining “Goldwater Republicans” of 1964 still alive. The way in which the GOP/RNC, and Ted Cruz’s people, in particular, is treating this dear woman is nothing short of disgraceful!

Team Cruz is doing a heck of a job alienating potential voters with these shenanigans. I fully expect Cruz’s numbers to plummet as people watch him rampage his way through the primaries.


From Right Wing Watch:

“I built the most prestigious and good conservative organization on the planet, and all of the sudden there are some people who think they can run it better than I can,” Schlafly said. “So it’s a takeover attempt. We’re not going to let them do it.”

She said that while her prominent endorsement of Donald Trump played a part in the infighting — five of the six people named by Schlafly as the coup plotters have publically endorsed Ted Cruz and one of them suggested that the 91-year-old Schalfly was “manipulated” into backing Trump — she said it was not the main reason for the schism.

“I think they want to get hold of our assets and our lists; in other words, take over the organization that I’ve built up over about 40 years,” she said, “and we’re not going to let them do it.”

“I’ve got three sons that are helping me and we’re going to win,” she added. (Schlafly has said that her daughter, Anne Cori, is “the leader of the coup”; Eagle Forum’s board named Cori as the group’s executive director after voting to oust Martin.) “Nothing’s changed so far,” Schlafly said. “I’m still running it.

The Cruz political mafioso is out in full force. If anyone had any question as to whether he is an outsider or not, the events of the past several days should confirm to all he is the ultimate insider. He’s willing to do anything for a delegate since he can’t get a vote.

She is perhaps one of the last people alive from the Original Conservative Party of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. Truly sad. The Republican Party of Goldwater and Reagan is indeed gone. The RINO’s have taken over. This is a dark day for America.

H/T – Right Wing Watch

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