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Conservatives Are FURIOUS After #NeverTrump Movement Did THIS!!

David French

When most of us heard the name David French, the House butler for Family Affair ran into a lot of people minds, Mr. French, Sebastian Cabot. Cabot is long gone now but this no name, staff writer for the National Review had to be some joke, don’t you agree? Weekly Standard head honcho Bill Kristol pumped this guy up before the Memorial Day weekend as some major competitor to Donald Trump, and this is nothing of that sort.

Even one Anti-Trump group didn’t like the choice. A group described by The Hill as “Conservatives Against Trump” publicly disagreed with Kristol, who we thought they were all on the same page. I guess there is no honor among thieves.

Erick Erickson, who I loathe, is ready to tear down what is left the GOP as I was ready to do but Donald Trump will do it for both of us. The problem is Trump, who I support, will do it while in office while Erickson will fight hard to put Hillary in office.

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From Newsmax:

A group of prominent conservatives is bashing Bill Kristol’s suggestion Tuesday that National Review writer David French run as an independent — and they are looking for their alternative to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“We’re not going to be jumping on board with what Kristol is doing,” a person involved in the discussions told The Hill Wednesday. “We learned about this from the media along with everyone else.”

The group, which the Hill identified as Conservatives Against Trump, were surprised by Kristol’s announcement because French has a relatively low profile, according to two people involved in the talks.

“This is like flipping open the phone book and picking someone on page 325,” one of the sources said.

Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard, has long railed against Trump’s bid for the GOP nomination.

According to the Hill, the conservatives’ group includes Erick Erickson, the writer and radio talk-show host; South Dakota business executive Bob Fischer; Bill Wichterman, a former adviser to President George W. Bush and former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee; conservative columnist Quin Hillyer; and conservative strategist Liz Mair.

Erickson declined to comment to the Hill, but said on in a column on his website that “I would vote for David French or even write him in.”

He also said that Kristol “pushed David French into the arena, but to his credit French has not run out of the gates.

A 3rd Party run will guarantee that Hillary wins and we conservatives are screwed with a liberal Supreme Court for decades. We have suffered enough with Obama and this is the last chance to keep liberals out of the White House.

Our pretend conservative lawmakers have stabbed us in the back and we just can’t let the libs own us again because of our so-called principles. We backed McCain and lost, we backed Romney and the extremes boycotted. Principles will get you nothing but socialism for generations.

Do you think both Anti-Trump groups will collide and matter will react to destroy the universe? Do you think any of these crazies will come together for the good of the country? Drop us a note in our comment section below and tell us what you think.

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