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Cop Sees Homeless Family Hanging Around Police Station, What Happens Next Is Incredible


Brian Bussell, a 25-year veteran of the Butler County Sheriff’s Department in Ohio, noticed a family hanging around the police station for quite some time this past weekend.

At first, he thought little about it, noting that visiting hours at the jail were in effect Sunday morning when the mother and her two children arrived.

A while later however, Bussell came back out to the jail lobby and noticed they were still there, the two children now asleep. The sheriff then inquired if there was anything they needed.

He would soon find out that they needed quite a bit, and his reaction is enough to move anybody to tears.

Via Yahoo:

“I know our visitation is at 9 AM, and I saw the lady and the two young children sitting in the chairs,” Deputy Bussell said in a post shared to Facebook.

“I assumed they were here to visit someone in our jail. When I walked back out a while later, the children were asleep, and the lady was still sitting there, so I inquired if she needed assistance.”

The woman, Tierra Gray, told the deputy she had been evicted from her home in Oxford, Ohio. She said she was waiting for word back on housing assistance but said it could take a few days.

After unsuccessfully trying to find a place for the family at a nearby shelter, the deputy reached into his own pocket. He contacted a hotel in Oxford and booked them in for 10 days, the sheriff’s office said.

The deputy then took the family to a Walmart, where he bought them new clothes.

The Facebook post, along with a picture of the adorable kids can be seen below…

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is very proud of one of his own for helping a homeless family. Deputy Brian…

Posted by Butler County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Several comments on the post indicate that Bussell has shown many random acts of kindness toward the community over the years, and that this is pretty much just par for the course.

One local resident wrote, “Brian Bussell is a true role model.”

He continued, “He does acts of kindness all year long and never wants praise for anything he does.”

Thank God for men and women in law enforcement like Deputy Bussell.

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Comments on “Cop Sees Homeless Family Hanging Around Police Station, What Happens Next Is Incredible”

  1. Lynn says:

    Definitely a role model. It is sure refreshing to read about this with all of the malarkey running amuck.