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Cop Vs. Student Is Going Viral – #BlackLivesMatter Won’t Touch This One – TRUST ME!

When footage of his encounter with an unruly student went viral, the mainstream media was quick to attack Deputy Ben Fields of South Carolina.

The public outrage, combined with political pressure from the Obama Justice Department quickly led to Deputy Fields termination despite evidence that he was attacked by the girl.

black lives matter

But there’s another incident caught on camera that has come to light, and somehow the media is silent.

The new video shows a black officer letting a teenage student go so he could start a fistfight with him, even standing in the teens face screaming “DO IT! DO IT!”

The officer is then seen throwing haymakers at the student in a full-on donnybrook.

black lives matter

No #BlackLivesMatter protesters went on the news screaming for “justice.” No investigation was ordered by the Obama administration.

The video, taken in October of 2014, puts the Deputy Fields incident in a new light. If this type of incident is commonplace at schools like Spring Valley High, Fields would have been aware of how volatile the school and its students are.

Just like the rest of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this shows that the only time the “movement” cares is when it’s a racial issue. That’s why they refuse to admit it should be #AllLivesMatter.

After watching this a couple of times, I saw the officer had pulled his punches but if they had connected, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

What do you think of the officer’s tactics? Share your opinion below and add this to your Twitter/Facebook timeline.

H/T – Chris Marsh



  1. Leslie says:

    I believe that the culture of Blacks and Whites are different. From birth in the U.S. Blacks are immersed in this European culture and expected to emulate it. However, Caucasians are at a complete loss over our culture. Caucasians do not understand us. You do not understand our body language, mannerisms, communication style, beliefs, and norms. You judge us through a biased filter that if pointed at yourselves would reflect much worse. All of these things combined (and more) are the reasons why Caucasians should not be allowed to police Blacks. The misunderstandings result in unnecessary fatally and abuse.

    This particular incident is not alarming to me. Now, had the Officer hurt the student I would be alarmed. However, many Black children do not have fathers in the home. The young man has been getting away with bad behavior and testing the limits. He thought he could show out with the Officer. The Officer was calling his bluff. In the household with Black fathers and teenage boys, many times there will come a time when the boy will test the father’s authority. He challenges his own father. This challenge may become physical. The father will call the boys bluff just like this Officer did. From that day forward the boy will fall in line. When Dad says take out the trash the teen boy will jump to it! He will show respect.

    Now, in contrasts the scenario of a boy testing his father rarely if ever happens with girls in a Black family. Girls may get mouthy with their mother. That could be resolved by the Mother showing strength and disciplining the daughter. When a Black father raises his voice to his daughter it’s usually enough to make the sky fall. A truly unruly daughter might even get spankings from a father. However, that’s rare! So, to see a male Officer handle a Black female child like Ben Fields did, is OUTRAGEOUS to Black people. He placed her in a headlock, flipped her desk over, dragged her across the floor, and tossed her body.

    As a Black Mother if my daughter’s father ever attempted to treat my daughter the way Ben Fields treated that female student, I’d be beyond shocked. I’d jump in to protect my child from her father because that behavior is out of control. I’d also kick his butt out. In contrasts if my son tested his father like the teen in this video I would expect his father to respond. I would expect the response to look like this. I would not be alarmed if he hit the teen a couple of times to show him, ” I am still the man of this house. You follow my rules “. There is a line between abuse and discipline. I would not allow his father to abuse him. I would allow his father to show him, he still falls under his authority.

    The fact that Caucasians can’t grasp these concepts or respect our norms is why you posted that BS article and why Caucasians should not police us. You don’t have a clue!

    1. Byron says:

      Leslie, Being a white man who grew up in Memphis during the MLK riots and the very turbulent years that followed. Growing up playing with and going to school and church with blacks, I’ll admit, NO I don’t fully understand black culture, just as blacks don’t understand white culture. And that is a shame, on both parties part.

      However, let me say our cultures are not as far apart as you may think; at least the part you described in your post. Your discourse about Black fathers and teenage boys (and daughters) sound exactly like the home I grew up in. A son testing his father’s authority is not a “black” culture thing, it is an “human” thing. I did it to my father and my sons did it with me and I have observed it in every country and culture in which I have lived.

      Now, since I didn’t have any sisters nor daughters, I can’t address the father/daughter or the mother/daughter issue directly. But many of my friends had sisters and I observed exactly what you addressed concerning girls in their homes, both black and white homes.

      So, believe it or not, we’re not as far apart (at least in this scenario) as you think. So the next time you want to expound and explain why whites don’t understand black culture (and I don’t mean this as a dig, insult or slam because it goes both ways) perhaps you need to do a little research first. If we ALL (and I mean all races) did this, I’m sure there would be a lot less prejudice and racism in the world. The biggest problem between the races (all races) is that we are too quick to jump on the differences (and/or assumed differences) rather than finding common ground. The Bible says, “Perfect love casts out all fear” and fear is at the heart of prejudice/racism; fear of the unknown, fear of differences.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right and said it best, “Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.” That saying is a two way street for ALL races. And may I add, when I speak of races, that doesn’t just mean different colored skin, it also means nationalities. One thing I have observed from living not just in the US but also Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East; prejudice between nationalities is just as prevalent, if not more so, than it is between skin color. I pray for the day when mankind begins to focus on commonalities rather than differences.

      From your brother of another color, God bless.

  2. Zoltan says:

    I would suggest for consideration that the Student involved here read and understand the “Message of Dr. Martin Luther King,” when he tried to convey to a segregated population of “His time” a useful message of true “Empowerment”: He stated that: He had a dream when all peoples would walk hand in hand together in peace and “LOVE.” Dr. Martin Luther King believed in this message unto “Death.” “Violence” begets “Violence,” It creates situations where a flagrant disregard for a system of “Law and Order,” arrogantly violates the Freedoms and Rights of all the other students who have equal rights to access themselves to an education without having to deal with the disruptions of individuals who would compromise the rights and freedoms of fellow students, under the guise that they are exercising their own “Free Will” and “Civil Rights.” One must never act in a manner, where one’s Free Choice decisions to act in a manner that imposes upon the “Freedoms” of others is allowed to occur without proper accountability.
    True proponents of Progress and change, such as Dr. Martin Luther King have laid down their “Life” to extend the message of “Love” to all of “Humanity.” “Jesus Christ” said that “There is no greater Love, then to lay down one’s “Life” for their fellow man.”
    I truly believe that if “Hatred” is allowed to exist without addressing it: “IT WILL.”
    Accountability can be accomplished without vindictiveness, but it must be accomplished through a true commitment to “LOVE.”
    “LOVE and HELP” go hand in hand. Sometimes the process must involve “TOUGH LOVE.” and accountability; but, if it is entered into with a true intent to achieve the “Good” of all the parties to this incident, than “Fairness, Equity and True Justice” will be allowed to prevail, and Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream may someday become a true: REALITY.” Most definitely something to ponder.

  3. Joseph says:

    This is just disgusting! This is what our public schools are about today? Then we as a people are to blame for what we see on the streets of America today! understanding the times in which we live today blogtalkradio.com/josephgibson tune in and share and speak out about these very issues we face today! Nobody is censored or left out!

  4. Jack W. says:


  5. Jerry says:

    If they want a war with whites I sure wish they would get it started so we can get past this.

  6. Ronald says:

    Seems that in most schools, every cell phone that was visible would be confiscated, consistent with school policy. Then where would these videos come from???

  7. Jerry says:

    Liberalism is in place all over the world, everybody feels entitled, if the entire world doesn’t wake up to this soon it will be too late. Just look at the world and what it has done.

  8. Norman says:

    Black lives don’t matter to blacks in Chicago who murder one another daily. Perhaps we could help them with public subsidies to exterminate one another entirely.

    Black lives really mattered on the plantation when a slave cost a lot to buy. Not since.

  9. Carl says:

    He should have finished the punk off

  10. Melinda says:

    The thing is that Deputy Ben Fields Is living with a Black Woman! So, how is it racist?

  11. Mike says:

    No judgment, no job.
    No maturity, no money.
    Not acceptable, not employed.

  12. Tina says:

    this race is so F’n retarded.

    1. Kang says:

      You just affirmed your own retardation. Thank you.

    2. Irene says:

      You’er right cause its not WHITE ON BLACK.

    3. Jonathan says:

      That’s what 350+ years of oppression can do to a race.

    4. Jeremie says:

      We are all one race white people do this as well so don’t be stupid Tina

    5. bloft says:

      Tina I’m assuming you mean the “human race”?

  13. Steve says:

    This may have been wrong as well as the girl getting slammed in the desk. This one taught the boy a lesson though. He was allowed to act out becoming a man. The girl from what I seen got slammed in a way she could have gotten serious injury. Maybe the difference from uncontrolled temper and a lesson in life? The girl one was handled poorly as she was seated and wasn’t posing a threat, just rebellion, a typical teen response to adult authority. I don’t believe the other cop should have been fired but do believe that he wasn’t suited for the classroom patrol. He did have a history of heavy handedness.