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Does This Count as a “Stun Weapon?” This School Thinks It’s Worth Suspending Over

Liberal fear over firearms and weapons has reached a new extreme.

An 11-year-old boy was suspended from Hungary Creek Middle School in Henrico, Virginia for bringing a “stun weapon” to school.

The weapon in question? Shock Gum – a prank toy that shocks whoever tries to pull what looks like a piece of gum from the pack.

David Hancock, manager at Bob Motes Sport Shop, evaluated the prank toy and gave his honest opinion:

“I wouldn’t want to depend on that for protection. There’s no way you can call that a weapon. I think people have gone absolutely insane in the administration over these kind of policies.”

The Legal Aid Justice center also thinks the reaction to the prank toy is extreme. Jeree Thomas of Legal Aid said that they are trying to work with the school to change zero-tolerance policies to policies that use common sense.

Henrico School administration stated that safety of students and staff is the highest priority, but declined to comment further due to student privacy laws.

What are the liberal public school administrations going to ban next – plastic knives?


H/T: NBC 12