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Country Star Miranda Lambert Shows What Happens When Beach Balls Land On Stage!

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Miranda Lambert is one of country music’s biggest stars so when a beach ball is thrown up on stage while she is performing for her fans, expect the unexpected.

When you spend thousands of dollars on music equipment, and you’re having enough trouble navigating around cords on stage, the last thing you want is stuff being thrown onto your stage. They come to perform their music, not have stuff thrown at them.

Think of it like this. A beach ball is slamming on top of ticket holders heads when they least expect it and causing an uncomfortable experience; nobody wants to go through that at a concert, let alone the beach. That’s where the ball should have been in the first place.

Lambert wears a little toy gun with a small knife to take care of future beach balls as you will see go to work in the video below.


From Taste of Country:

Miranda Lambert isn’t a fan of beach balls being thrown on her stage during a show, a sentiment she fully expressed at her Keeper of the Flame Tour kickoff in Indianapolis on Saturday (May 14).

While Lambert was about to start singing the poignant “The House That Built Me,” she grabbed a beach ball from the stage and brought it over to the microphone.

“First of all, it feels like it’s January so we don’t need this today,” Lambert joked while holding the huge ball. “Secondly, my best friend Ashley Monroe gave me this necklace that I was hoping I could use tonight because it’s a pistol but it’s also a pocket knife. I’m sorry, very sorry for whoever’s ball this is, but it’s gonna die now.”

She then used her necklace to puncture the ball with a few slices from her pocket knife as the audience erupted into screams and her bandmates clapped in approval.

“I feel so much better. Thank you for that,” Lambert told the crowd.

And with that she began “The House That Built Me.”

Watch the segment here in this video:

This is not the first time Lambert has destroyed a beach ball. I thought it was part of her act until I called a friend about it and they let me know Miranda hates beach balls. She has since the first time she was on tour with Kenny Chesney. Watch another video that caught the ball slashing singing star:

My friend who has been to one of her concerts did say she warns attendees not to do it. If that’s the case, I think if a beach ball lands on the stage then the artist has the right to deflate it, or throw it back.

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