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How A Country Superstar Helped Heal One Girl’s Broken Heart!

taylor swift

It’s been two months since Alison Parker and Adam Ward were tragically gunned down on live television by a deranged gunman and former co-worker. Since their deaths their romantic lives, which had once been kept private, were made public. It became known that Alison Parker, a beautiful skinny blonde, had been dating and living with one of her coworkers at WBDJ, anchor Chris Hurst.

Since the death of his love, Hurst has maintained his Facebook presence, alternating his posts about work-related projects and memories of his beloved Alison. This week he shared a story about plans they had had for the future. He wrote,

This summer, it would often be the first thing Alison would tell me after she got off work. How amazed she was at the strength and resilience of the young girl and survivor of child neglect she profiled for the WDBJ7 special, Childhood Lost. She had an instant bond to the girl she named “Hope,” not using her real name because Alison felt at the time there was a responsibility not to bring her any undue harm for sharing her story. They talked about clothes and shoes, music and singing, and how Alison would mentor her as she went through school.

July 1st marked six magical months with Alison as my girlfriend. My partner. My confidant. To celebrate, I got her tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in Greensboro for October 21st. She got stopped often when out shopping from people saying she looked like Taylor; she had that red lip, classic thing that I loved.

After Alison’s murder, I eventually had to decide what to do with the tickets. I thought to go alone. I thought to go with her mom or one of her best friends. But then she helped me remember Hope and her adoptive mother and it was easy to decide. I told them before Alison’s celebration of life that I wanted them to have the tickets.

Behind the scenes, the wonderful people at K92 radio and Republic Records, Swift’s label, worked for weeks to secure a meet and greet with her for Hope and her mother! I was texting with Hope’s new mother throughout the night and she said the concert was awe-inspiring, just like Alison was.

Hours later, Hurst made another update. The young woman who Alison had mentored met with Taylor Swift, who bears a striking resemblance to Alison.

Parker and girl

While Swift won’t take the place of Parker in this young woman’s life, the meeting was an incredible opportunity to bring some light into a life that had already seen so much darkness.

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