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Couple Falls to Death While Taking Selfie at Edge of Cliffs


Most of the time, taking pictures of yourself isn’t dangerous… ridiculous maybe, but not usually life threatening.

Sadly, for a Polish couple living in Portugal, their selfie tragically lead to their deaths after falling off cliffs at Cabo Da Roca (photo above). The two reportedly moved beyond a barrier to keep people off the edge of the cliffs.

Via Fox News:

The bodies of the couple – who were not identified – have been recovered after initial attempts to rescue them on Saturday were hampered by rough conditions in the waters off Cabo da Raca, Polish Radio reports.

Dario Pinto Moreira, a captain at the nearby port of Cascias, told Portuguese news channel CMTV that the couple slipped while trying to take a photograph of each other.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a self portrait has turned deadly. Just last week, a man in Mexico accidentally shot himself in the head. And, in France, a man was trampled by a bull. Yike – beware the selfie!

While selfies are a fun way to document happy moments, new places, and new experiences, it’s just common sense to not get too wrapped up in the photo-op that you forget where you are.