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Crazy Fight Between Orange Is The New Black’s ‘Big Boo’ and Subway Preacher

If you’ve ever taken the subway in New York City, you’ve had your share of interactions with drummers, performers, entrepreneurs and preachers. Those who choose to preach on the subway are often not the most psychologically stable, nor are they anywhere near theologically consistent with normative Christian beliefs. Most New Yorkers tune out anyone interrupting their subway ride with headphones, but not one of the stars of the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black, Lea DeLaria, aka ‘Big Boo.’

The video, hosted by local New York blog Gothamist, shows DeLaria’s attempts to tune out the subway preacher’s rants with a rousing rendition of 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

When that wasn’t enough, DeLaria began to get into a theological argument with the preacher. Although his theological arguments aren’t audible on the Gothamist blog, from experience I can tell you they are far from mainstream Christian theology. Video of their fight leaves viewers wondering who is more crazy; the star of a hit series, or a random subway theologian.

What is most sad about the fight is DeLaria’s admonishments that this subway preacher is “part of the reason America is in trouble.” Why is that? Because apparently, this certifiable preacher is in the same league as the “Tea Party… ultra-creepy Christians and conservatives.” If this is the narrative among DeLaria and her far-left wing friends in Brooklyn, it’s no wonder there’s so much hostility towards conservatives among Hollywood liberals.

Do stories like these about stars make you less likely to watch their shows?