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Here’s The CRAZY Muhammad Ali Story That No One Is Talking About!

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As many of you know, former heavyweight champion of the world Muhammad AliĀ passed away on Saturday night, but his legacy will live on forever. My mother and father used to tell me about Ali’s earlier fights when he would float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. When I watch many of Mohammad Ali’s fights, I saw the later side when he was older, but he still brought a smile to my face when I saw him in the ring with his white Everlast boxing trunks.

As long as I’ve been alive I had never heard the story of when Ali saved a man from jumping from a ledge trying to commit suicide. Of all the things we know about the Champ, history has played a trick on the last couple of generations that didn’t know anything about this.


From Daily Mail:

This is the dramatic moment Muhammad Ali saved a suicidal man who was threatening to jump out of a ninth-floor window in Los Angeles in 1981.

Ali heard the man was sitting on a ledge and preparing to jump to his death, so he sped towards the scene, driving the wrong way down roads with his lights flashing as he raced to make it there in time.

The champion boxer ignored the crowds calling out his name as he headed upstairs before he was seen poking his head out of a window further along the building as he tried to convince the man that his life was worth living.

‘I told him he wasn’t a nobody,’ Ali later told the Reading Eagle.

‘He saw me weeping, and he couldn’t believe I was doing that, that I cared that much about him.’

Ali told the man: ‘If you jump, you’re going to Hell because there’s no way to repent.’

After miraculously talking the man down, Ali – dressed in a suit and tie – drove him to a police station in his Rolls-Royce and went with him to a psychiatric hospital.

The gathered crowd chanted ‘USA! Digs Ali’ as he left the scene with the man he had saved.

‘I’m going to help him go to school and find a job, buy him some clothes,’ Ali said.

‘I’m going to go home with him to meet his mother and father. They called him a nobody, so I’m going home with him. I’ll walk the streets with him and they’ll see he’s big.

‘Everyday I’m going to visit him in the hospital. I told him I’d stay close to him.’

Ali died at a hospital outside Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday, days after he was taken there with difficulty breathing.

Watch the event where Ali saved the man from suicide here:

Hopefully, the next generation does not have to miss out on a story like this. Ali is responsible for so much and is known the world over. Now that I know about, I will tell my children about the time three-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world help save a life on national TV.

Yeah, that’s just cool even thinking about.

H/TĀ – YouTube

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  1. Rexford says:

    A great man and an American icon. R.I.P. Great story and shows his good character. He has done a lot of good things for humanity. Side note and my ignorance. Does Islam preach if you commit suicide too they end up in hell? Suicide bombings happening almost daily by Islamist all over the world. Barbaric culture. Just a thought

  2. Mike says:

    Again a super boxer, but if he died a Muslim and follower of the prophet Muhammad a factually known pedophile well he is burning in Hell.

    1. Rexford says:

      Factually? Proof? he lived a long time ago. Where is your evidence. Just curious. Although it would not surprise me since Isam is a barbaric culture. Arab men over there love their goats.