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The Crazy Reason How (and Why) North Korea Just Executed This Official


News out of North Korea is never tame. Between nuclear standoffs, shootouts on the demilitarized zone with South Korean and American soldiers and gulags, the Hermit Kingdom (as its nicknamed) is easily the strangest place on Earth. Its leaders have all been members of the Kim family since the Korean War, and as the length of their rule has grown longer, the insanity of their rule has come to light.

As with most Communist dictatorships, word often comes out of horrifying purges of officials for seemingly minor offenses. This past week, South Korean intelligence officials released news of one of the most shocking purges in North Korea yet. NK News, a trusted source for information out of the notoriously closed off nation reported today,

North Korea has executed Minister of the Peoples’ Armed Forces Hyon Yong Chol using an anti-aircraft gun, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) has said.

Hundreds of North Korean officials watched Hyon’s execution on April 30, an NIS deputy director was paraphrased as saying to South Korean lawmakers.

News of the event was publicized by the Yonhap News Agency early on Wednesday morning. Yonhap quoted the NIS as saying he was punished for falling asleep during formal military events.

The alleged development follows rumors of a further execution of up to 15 top officials a little under two weeks ago, ostensibly for challenging Kim Jong Un’s authority.

Hyon was seen dozing off during a military event and did not carry out Kim’s instructions, Han Ki-beom, the deputy director of the NIS told the committee, Yonhap reported.

You read that right. A senior military official was executed using a drone for simply falling asleep during a military event. What could the punishment have been for truly challenging Kim’s authority?

Comment below: Do you think Kim Jong Un will be the target of a coup in the near future?


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  1. Debbie says:

    Baby face is crazy and this only proves it!