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Creepy! Would You Take a Look Inside This Abandoned McDonalds “Ship?”

Abandoned McDonalds

If you are looking for a creepy abandoned building to explore this Halloween season, then perhaps you should head north to Burrard Inlet in Canada. It’s there you’ll find perhaps the creepiest McDonald’s restaurant in the world.

Oh, and it’s on a barge too, making it weird AND creepy.

Of course, it didn’t always look that way:

Abandoned McDonalds

The barge – nicknamed Friendship 500 – was launched during the 1986 World Fair Expo in Vancouver.

The nautical burger joint was a smashing success, but six months later, when the Expo came to a close, the barge was moved to Burrand Inlet.

Business didn’t did do so well in this remote corner of Canada, and the restaurant folded.

There have been many attempts to reopen the barge, but none of them have succeeded, leaving he hull to rot:

Abandoned McDonalds

Abandoned McDonalds

So, will you be summoning the courage to venture onto the barge and look for the ghostly apparition of a Big Mac?  Let us know below.

H/T: Business Insider