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When You See What’s Behind Her in This Selfie… You’ll Rethink Ever Taking One Again!


There’s some rather sad research out this morning, which is causing a lot of vain Millennials to pause and reflect on their lives.

Data from Mashable has shown that last year, more people were killed taking selfies than by sharks.

Selfies, or course, are the photos taken of oneself using a smart phone. Already this year, people have tripped and fallen to their death, been electrocuted, and have even been gored by bulls all while taking selfies.

Of course, we don’t want any of our readers at Headline Politics to suffer such a grisly fate, so we’ve decided to scare you into stop taking selfies.

Behold, the latest video going viral: a horror short that’s been released in the run-up to next month’s Halloween:

Remember it next time you decided you want to impress your friends with a selfie taken in some glamorous location!

Warning: Strong language.

Did the video scare you? Let us know below!

H/T: Yahoo