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Crime Doesn’t Pay, And In These Two Cases It Really, Really Hurts!


In reviewing today’s headlines, we noticed two tremendous stories of poetic justice for violent criminals that are simply too good not to enjoy and share.

First up is a would-be rapist in South Carolina who instructed his victim to “Stop fighting, and I won’t hurt you.”

Needless to say, she didn’t comply.

Via Live 5 News:

The woman said the suspect then forced himself into the house, tackled her to the floor, punched her several times and told her to “stop fighting and I won’t hurt you.”

An incident report states the suspect then asked her where the bedroom was, picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Once at the bedroom, the victim said the suspect attempted to take her shorts off, but the victim kicked him in the groin to stop him.

At that point, the victim said the suspect told her “Now you have to die!” and forced his tongue in her mouth.

The victim told officers when the suspect put his tongue in her mouth she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.”

The suspect was later found at a Waffle House where he was certainly not eating waffles.  Or anything for that matter.  Instead, his mother had called 911 to report her precious little boy did “not have a tongue and [needed] medical assistance.”

In further good news, the assailant, Antoine Miller, will be charged as an adult.

And in part two of today’s episode of Karma Hurts, we have Ibn Hunter, the thug who recently posted a viral video of himself punching and knocking out a homeless woman.

Hunter, who we’re guessing thought his assault on a homeless woman made him tough, was immediately handed his own ass during his arrest.

Via The Blaze:

Police said Ibn Hunter, 25, attempted another attack while in custody — this time on a police officer. However, the alleged assault didn’t go well for Hunter.

The warden at the Atlantic County Justice Facility told local media that Hunter attacked an officer during a standard strip search, but was immediately taken down by the unnamed officer.

Hunter’s forehead slammed into the ground during the takedown, leaving him with a visible injury seen in his mugshot.

Here’s Hunter’s mugshot:


Hope that hurt there, tough guy.

So with that, we remind those in our society completely devoid of morals or conscience – crime doesn’t pay, and if justice plays a role, it’s going to hurt too.

Comment:  How do you feel about these two violent criminals getting what they deserve?  Or did they deserve worse? Share your thoughts below.