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Criminals Unwittingly End Up the Star of This Hilarious Taco Commercial


A Las Vegas taco restaurant took a very bad situation – an overnight break-in and robbery – and turned it into an epic commercial for their business.

The restaurant owners took security footage of the robbery and edited it in hilarious fashion to show customers that their tacos are so good, they cause people to have to break in and steal them.

Via Fox News Insider:

The video “Burglars Just Want Tacos” re-imagines the burglary as a desperate search for Frijoles & Fresca’s tacos, superimposing text commentary over the chaotic heist.

“Guys frantically search for tacos,” the caption reads, as the two thieves scour for any signs of money. The thieves’ driver is referred in the video as their “Mom.”

Over mouth-watering images of tacos, a titlecard reads: “We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people do. They ARE pretty amazing,”

It ends with an honest plea for help in catching the criminals.

Check out a news report of the taco restaurant commercial below:

And now you can see the entire commercial below and enjoy a good laugh at the criminals expense:

Some of the comments on the YouTube post are hilarious, pointing out that the cash registers are empty and the criminals got no tacos and no money.

Another comment reads, “I didn’t choose the taco life, the taco life chose me.”

Comment: How great is this video in which a taco restaurant turns a robbery into the best marketing tool ever? Share your thoughts below.

FB – “Mom will be mad there are no tacos in the register.”