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Cruz Asked To Apologize To McConnell – Watch THIS Response!


CNN Host Dana Bash interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz on a wide range of issues but what caught my eye was an exchange where she asked him if he would he apologize for calling Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a “LIAR” on the floor of the Senate.

Cruz basically said no (as seen in the video below).

Is Cruz like Barack Obama as neither can admit when he is wrong? This is a pattern. I find it very refreshing when someone like himself says they are wrong, and they made a mistake.

How about being statesmanlike for a change Ted?? McConnell may have lied, but, can anyone prove it beyond a reasonable doubt that is true or that Ted was just being crass? Whatever………useless to comment anymore.

Won’t this be the ultimate test to see what Cruz is ‘made of’? If he crawls back to DC and apologizes for ‘support’… then we will know what his motive and true colors are.


From The Hill:

“If the Washington lobbyists want to see that happen, they can hold their breath a long, long time,” Cruz said. “My focus is on the American people.”
Last summer, Cruz made headlines when he accused McConnell of lying to him over a deal to vote on reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank.

He brushed aside suggestions from Bash that an apology could help unite more Republicans behind him in his race for the party’s nomination.

“This is why people are so frustrated with Washington,” Cruz said. “It’s the inside battles back and forth. This isn’t a game. This isn’t about Washington power brokers. This isn’t a smoke-filled room.”

Check out the interview here:

What do you think about this exchange? Cruz has decided not to apologize to McConnell no matter what the stakes are.

Accusing a politician of lying is like accusing them of brushing their teeth before bedtime. Until there are real repercussions for being untruthful, then there is nothing but gains to be had for the perpetrator of the lie. When politicians ‘take full responsibility’ for something, you can rest assured it’s because there is no real consequence for doing so.

I’m afraid there aren’t any parents around to conduct a spanking for fibbing in this case; that is probably no longer done anyway in this lowest common denominator culture.

As for Cruz calling him out for it – I want to give Cruz credit for this, but this is the same guy who told US that ObamaCare would be such a catastrophic disaster that it justified shutting down the govt for two weeks in a futile attempt to force its repeal. Clearly, there was no such catastrophe, and either Cruz was lying or he was he at least mistaken.

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