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Cruz Got CRUSHED In NY And Here’s The Real Reason Why!

ted cruz

Hey, Rafael Cruz – how’s that New York values working out for you.

Time for Sen. Ted Cruz to end his campaign, he cannot reach 1,237 unless he cheats more than he has already. Gov. John Kasich is also a waste of time, but we knew that after Ohio. Cruz talks of unifying the party, so his dropping out would help that, but he thinks he has a chance at the convention, but if it is contested, the GOP will choose someone else, and Cruz will be the jilted girlfriend.


From The Hill:

Cruz, who may end up getting zero delegates from New York state, was not helped by his now-infamous attack on Trump’s “New York values” in the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses.

The New York values line — a strike against Manhattan’s liberal culture — played well among evangelicals in Iowa, but came back to bite Cruz when he had to face Empire State voters.

Cruz was loudly protested when he campaigned in the Bronx and tried and failed to reframe the values comment as an attack on New York Democrats. But it appears from the early returns on Tuesday night that he made no inroads.

Trump is on track to win more than 50 percent of the New York vote statewide and could come close to winning all 95 delegates in the state.

As a former Cruz supporter, I’ve been disgusted by the completely undemocratic back-room tactics being employed by he and his campaign to hijack delegates. He has rendered himself no different that the “insiders” that all of us have had enough of.

I don’t love every one of Trump’s positions, but I feel like he is a leader who will surround himself with competent advisers and will use his bully-pulpit to bring legislators in line, not unlike what Reagan did during his presidency.

It is time for the country to give a successful businessman a chance. Politicians have not been doing so well. America doesn’t have much more to lose. He’s proven to be successful and it looks like New Yorkers know that.

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