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Cruz Shreds Obama: Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Friends and Enemies

Obama’s announcement of a re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba met a cold, hard smack in the face, in the form of one Mr. Ted Cruz. Cruz ripped Obama’s/Clinton’s foreign policy, saying the move was “a tragic mistake” and that the President “does not understand the difference between our friends and our enemies.”

He also pointed out that Obama has a long history of negotiating with dictators, communists, and terror-sponsoring nations – Russia, Iran, and Cuba to name a few.

Watch Cruz, a Cuban-American, who appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show to discuss the new foreign policy shift …

The Weekly Standard points out that the President’s negotiating skills in this case were simply awful – having done nothing to garner some sort of concession from Cuba that would alter the way the Castro regime operates.

As to real changes in the regime—changes in its foreign or domestic policies—none. Zero. Zip. So, you conclude that in the long struggle between the United States and the Castro regime since 1959, the Americans have finally blinked.

Cruz’s assessment would add that we as a nation have spent six years alienating friends and allies, while simultaneously “coddling up to and appeasing to those who are enemies of this country.”

Is Cruz right? Is Obama’s foreign policy actually anti-American in whom it favors?