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She Lost Her Policeman Father, But Her Tribute Will Live On FOREVER!


A young girl from Franklin County, Georgia lost her father, Deputy Sheriff Cruz Thomas on May 21, 2014 when his vehicle crashed while he attempted to stop someone for a traffic violation.

The young girl, Talyia Thomas, was just 8 months old when her father died, did something amazing to honor her father.

From Breitbart:

Taliya Thomas, who was just eight months old when her father died, dressed up in her father’s hat and uniform as a tribute to him in a photo shoot for her third birthday this year.

Georgia-based photographer Mary Lee captured Taliya praying for her father while wearing the uniform, as well as other moments.

“She carries his badge,” Lee told FOX.

Lee noticed that a yellow butterfly followed Taliya around to several of the filming locations.

“She said ‘that’s my daddy sending me butterfly kisses from heaven for my birthday,’” Lee recalled. “She is such a smart little girl.”

Lee told FOX that every year on her birthday since her father’s passing, Taliya has sent balloons up to heaven.

“Her smile will light up any room,” Lee said. “To be so young, she understands her daddy is in heaven and she knows he watches over her.”

Taliya and her family will continue to honor Thomas’ memory at the third annual Cruz Thomas Memorial Ride Saturday, where proceeds will benefit The Cruz Thomas Scholarship and Shriners Hospitals for Children in Atlanta.

This young girl is truly amazing for the way she chose to honor her hero father! Please share this story with all your friends!