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Here’s Why The Cruz/Kasich Alliance Is An Embarrassment To Conservatives!


It is starting to look like this is the most corrupt election in history, and I won’t even begin to talk about the Democratic Party.

This childish Ted Cruz/John Kasich tag-team circus may be entertaining to the professional wrestling cabal, but in the real world, it is embarrassing. The Republican Establishment elitists have proven their ineffectiveness since 2006 when they first saw their numbers collapse. Then again they saw more of the same in 2008.

If it weren’t for the much maligned TEA Party movement, they would still be wandering rudderlessly with no power or pride left.

Let me be honest, Kasich and Cruz handed Donald Trump a gift that he could have never been able to buy! Cruz has said throughout his campaign “I am anti-establishment!” Then he goes and makes a back room deal just like an establishment candidate! Kasich has no path to the nomination. One state is not going to win you the general election and Cruz just proved he is “lyinTed” by being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has made Trump’s point!

Remember when Cruz first entered the race, he proclaimed his “Christian Values” and said he would not run a dirty campaign. HA!! Cruz admitted on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 that his presidential campaign spread a false rumor, just hours before the Iowa caucuses began, that conservative rival Ben Carson was dropping out of the presidential race. So being a liar and bearing false witness is now a Christian trait?

Carson finished a distant fourth in the nation’s first nominating contest, and observers at two caucus precincts told reports that he lost supporters to the Cruz camp when Republicans speaking on behalf of Cruz said that Carson was suspending his campaign.


It turned out not to be true, however, and Carson himself complained about ‘shameless tactics and dirty political plays that pushed Cruz to victory on the strength of political sabotage.

And now, Cruz IS playing dirty politics and trying to deny what some American voters want. I don’t care what party pulls this crap, it’s wrong to deny people their votes.

I am so over this. Run on where you stand on the issues. If it does not resonate with voters, then get over it and move on to your real job. In Ohio, we have a governor who has been gone more days than he has been here in the last year. I am pretty sure I would be fired by now. Oh, that’s right. He is in touch by phone.

The elective process should not be based on alliances and wheeling and deal for states; all the candidates should simply profess their platforms straight forward, tell why they are better than the other guy, and then leave it up to a fair and blind process for people to decide.

What do you think about both Kasich and Cruz teaming up against Trump? Do you think both have a shot to stop the GOP front-runner or is it too late for them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and add this to your Facebook and Twitter wall.

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Comments on “Here’s Why The Cruz/Kasich Alliance Is An Embarrassment To Conservatives!”

  1. Lou says:

    half truth ted will have a lie for you a trus crino all this time we worried about rinos ew should have been worried about crinos suck it up tea party most of them bull crapped us