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Cubs Fan Fulfills Promise to His Deceased Veteran Father at the World Series!


Just last week, in the seventh game of the World Series, as millions of fans watched, the Chicago Cubs broke their 108 year “curse” and won the World Series.

The victory represented something different to each fan, but it wasn’t just the living who were enjoying the game.

Over the 108 years since the Cubs’ last World Series championship, many of the team’s fans have passed away, waiting for the time to shine. One of those fans was Wayne Williams, a military veteran who died in 1980.

Before his death, his son, also named Wayne Williams, made a promise: When the Cubs finally make it to the World Series, they would somehow follow the game together.

Then, 36 years after the veteran’s death, Williams drove 600 miles to his father’s grave to fulfill that promise.

In the dead of night, the son set up camp by his father’s grave and listened to the game in real time. The loyal fans — one defunct and the other alive and well — were able to share the moment the Cubs became champions in spirit.

Talk about something amazing right ahead of Veterans day!

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H/T Little Things