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Is This Infamous Cult Leader The Real Grandfather Of A Former President?

The Internet loves conspiracy theories and wild rumors, but this one might take the cake! According to some conspiracy nuts, occultist and all-around weirdo Aleister Crowley might be President George W. Bush’s grandfather! But the evidence is scant, at best:

After digging for a bit, you soon discover that the “Crowley is Barbara Bush’s biological father” rumor comes from a single source: an article on the website Cannonfire, whose author claims to have access to Crowley’s diaries, along with information from a “sixth-level initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis”, the organization Crowley founded in the 1920s.

Read more on this weird story here.

What do you think? Any way this is true? Or just another lie created by the unhinged left to discredit former President Bush? Comment below.