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Customer Finishes Meal at Restaurant, Calmly Stops Robbery with Concealed Weapon

A Texas restaurant owner is singing the praises of a customer who used his concealed carry gun after finishing up his meal to stop an armed robbery.

Two armed men walked into K&S Seafood Bar and Grill in Houston Texas, with one forcing the owner and his wife to the ground while another went to retrieve money from the register.

Things changed drastically when the would-be robbers were met with matching weaponry, however.


Koy Sam and his wife were closing at the time and two customers were finishing their meals when two men walked in with guns.

“All of a sudden my wife ran back panicking,” Sam said.

One of them forced the couple to the ground while the other went for the register.

He never made it because a customer confronted him with a gun.

“He was amazing,” Sam said. “He absolutely kept us all calm, made sure everything was okay.”

As the customer held one suspect for police, he fired as the other suspect ran off. The bullets shattered the front windows of the restaurant.

The second suspect got away and it’s not clear if he was hit.

Watch the news report below …

The story of successfully thwarting an armed robbery via concealed carry has even inspired others to get their Concealed Handgun License.

Conservative radio is urging listeners to eat there, as people like Thomas Bazan go door to door handing out fliers for K&S.

“There’s wickedness and evil,” Bazan said. “And we need to stand up against it and fight back.”

Bazan’s wife said the customer’s act even inspired her to get her CHL.

What would have happened if this business had posted ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs outside of their building?



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