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Seven Cute Animal Videos To Watch Instead Of The State Of The Union

Tonight is President Obama’s State of the Union.  You shouldn’t watch it.

The President is gonna spend 2+ hours droning on about how great his legacy is and how all his opponents are racist, evil, stupid cynics.


I’ve decided to compile a list of cute animals doing cute things to keep your mind occupied!

Watch These Elephants Eat Christmas Trees like they were ISIS

Cuddling Otters that will never demonize you

These nursing baby giraffes won’t try to take your guns away!

This Husky is stuck, but he won’t blame it on Republicans!

This sneezey horse won’t let the President’s divisive rhetoric keep it down!

These puppies are napping, but they aren’t sleeping on the threat of radical Islam!

These competitive puppies know all about the obstacles of bureaucracy!

Share What you’re watching instead of the State Of The Union in the comments!